Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Swindle

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Griffin always has a plan. He wants to use the land from the house being destroyed for a skate park. However, everyone refused to let him speak. Now in a last ditch effort, he's invited his whole class to sleep over at the house. Only his best friend shows up.

The night isn't a total loss as Griffin finds an old Babe Ruth card hidden inside a desk. He hopes that this card could be the answer to his parents' money troubles. He takes the card to a local shop where the man gives him $20.

Later, he sees the man on TV raving about this rare baseball card. Immediately Griffin knows that he's been swindled. He's not about to let that stop him. He comes up with a plan to steal back his baseball card.

My Thoughts: I LOVED this book. I'm a huge Gordon Korman fan. I read this for our 4th and 5th grade book club at the library. I loved the action, the danger, the heist, and the characters. I like how Gordon Korman writes about kids standing up for their rights and often taking matters into their own hands. I loved Griffin and his plans. I was impressed by how he assembled his team. You can't go wrong with Gordon Korman, all of our book club kids love him. I'm eagerly awaiting my turn at the second book in the series.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: my Library

Book Trailer: Check out the awesome book trailer.

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