Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Double Vision

Linc always gets into trouble; he just can't help himself. On a field trip to a farm, he has an incident with the chickens. Not only is the video posted all over YouTube, but the farmer's threatening to sue his parents for damages.

Help arrives in a strange way, government agents want Linc to do a job for them. If he does, without catastrophe and without telling his parents, the lawsuit will disappear. Linc realizes he has no choice.

He's a dead ringer for a secret agent, Benjamin Green. Benjamin's gone missing, but he's needed to exchange a painting in France. Linc's taken to France, has his hair died, and given a set of instructions.

Of course, things don't go according to plan, but Linc's not about to let that stop him. He has to save his family and his new friend.

My Thoughts:  I really like Linc. He tries hard, but he just can't help doing things that get him into trouble. He's amusing. I liked Francoise and how she's trying hard to save her own family. I liked how they worked together, figuring out the clues her father left behind. I found Henry's role a little unbelievable, but he was the loveable side-kick. With the danger, the action, and the mystery, it's a great book for tween readers craving action.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

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