Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Fonduing Fathers

** White House Chef Mystery Series #6 **

Ollie's learned a detail about her father's life. She brings Gav home in hopes of learning more from her mother. Her father died when she was young. She doesn't know the details surrounding his death.

She didn't know he was dishonorably discharged from the army, nor that he was murdered. After his death, he was accused of selling company secrets.  Ollie can't believe that about her father. She knows him to be honorable. There must be another explanation. Her mother doesn't have any more answers, but Ollie's not about to let that get in her way.

Back in Washington, she's eager to learn the truth. She and Gav research the company, learning a little information. She finds two workers for the company, her father's Army friend, and a friend of Gav's. She hopes that one of them can help her. What she doesn't know is she might be stirring up trouble after all these year, trouble that someone wants deeply buried.

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series. I loved learning more about Ollie's past, meeting her family, and seeing her childhood home. This book was different as the murder happens in the past. That doesn't mean there's not a sense of urgency, but there is a different feeling to the book. Most of the book takes place outside the White House, as Ollie's on vacation. However, she does come in for a few special events, with the President's son.  I loved the side story with Josh wanting to learn how to be a chef. I find him adorable. Plus, those moments bring his parents more into the books, adding to the look at every day life in the White House. I love the politics behind the scenes and seeing the White House from the kitchen's point of view. Ollie and Gav had some touching moments and I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold. I admit that the ending of this book made me tear up and then wish for the next installment of this fabulous series immediately!

Cover Thoughts: Great!
 Source: My Library


Alex said...

I did a real double take when I read the title of this mystery - but it sounds like a lot of fun to read. I enjoy your mystery reviews so much, and often take you advice when choosing one. Thanks for the great reviews.

Jennifer Rummel said...

Awww, thanks Alex!