Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Top 10: Bookish Goals

Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013: This is going to be HARD! - from meme @ The Broke and The Bookish 

  1. Start a new blog, a library blog with my co-worker
  2. Read more (as in finish my personal reading goals this year)
  3. Participate in Reading Challenges: Debut Authors, Historical Fiction, Contemp, Feminist, and TBR
  4. Read Blogs daily again (work has been crazy and I've been slacking on reading blogs and I miss it!)
  5. Comment on blogs (This was part of last year's goals and I did really good until... I didn't)
  6. Meet more people at BEA - this mostly means putting myself out there and stop being so shy!
  7. Finish the world building overhaul of my Princess story 
  8. Overhaul the other pages of my blog - I need to update these badly and I've been putting it off
  9. Create some more READ posters for the library (especially Male authors!)
  10. Be a better Netgalley reader!
What are your goals?


Anonymous said...

READ posters! Sounds awesome! My library is way to lazy for that kind of awesome stuff. Great list!

Anonymous said...

No 10 definitely for me, need to submit those NetGalley reviews!

Top Ten Tuesday

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Ha, I'm definitely with you on #10!

Nice top ten! Best of luck with your goals :)

Milda Harris said...

Haha - I agree with number 10 too! So behind! And, I need to read more this year too! Good luck!

Divergent Gryffindor said...

#10! Seriously, I sometimes ignore the books I request. Anyway, good luck! :D

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