Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Holiday Buzz

** Coffeehouse Mystery Series #12 **
Clare's attending the Great New York Cookie Swap, a charity event, with pastry chefs making wonderful creations. Clare's serving lattes and other beverages. At the end of the stressful night, she stumbles across a body at the event. 

It's her baker's assistant, the one she saw leave for a cigarette break and never return. She found it hard to believe that Moirin would vanish without saying a word. Now she wished that she looked into her disappearance. 

As she gives her recollections of the night to the police, she can see that one of them isn't regarding her as helpful.  Clare knows a thing or two about helping solve murders, she's not about to let his bad attitude stop her from uncovering the true about what happened to this young girl.

My Thoughts: A fun festive entertaining installment to the series. I loved the charity event descriptions: in the major toy store and the Storybook cookie event. I found those details charming and just right for the holiday season. I found Clare's dealings with the police entertaining - and interesting to see the politics. As usual, I adored the coffee shop and the employees. I like seeing where the relationship between Quinn and Clare goes, as it changes due to the long distance.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: the Library

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