Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Revenge of the Girl with Great Personailty

** This Book is Out March 1st **

Lexie is great. She's a great friend, a great girl, and a great sister. But she's never the center of attention, especially when it comes to boys. She's tired of it all.

When she makes a bet with her friend, she never dreams that changing her look will change her life. She's wearing clothes that fit her. She's putting on makeup. She's fixing her hair. And she's loving the attention it gets her. Suddenly, it's a brand new Lexi.

But does this new girl have the same set of problems?

My Thoughts: I ADORE Elizabeth Eulberg! I've loved her three previous books and this one is great too. Lexi's unhappy as she has a terrible mother who's more concerned with the pageant world than either of her daughters. I liked the peek into the pageant world - it was both enlightening and amusing.  Lexi's father is mostly absent.  I love Lexi's friends - the sassy Cam and the sweet Benny. They both want what's best for her, but not at the expense of her happiness or having to pretend she's someone else.   I love the way Lexi attempts to make her dreams come true instead of waiting on the sidelines for life to find her.  Eulberg writes a wonderful story about self-worth, self confidence, and standing up for your true self.

Cover Thoughts: Cute and awesome at the same time
Title Thoughts: Hilarious and perfect
Source: ARC from a librarian meeting

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Eulberg is one of my favorite YA authors - I am so glad that this one is amazing too! Cannot wait to read it!