Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Model Spy

Kelly James, child genius, finds herself in hot water after a boy in college asks her to hack into a government computers system. She's brought in for questioning and given a choice. She can go to juvie or she can become a part of a government program called the Specialists.

She decides there's nothing waiting for her; she has no friends and her parents are dead. she travels with TL to her new home, a ranch for boys and girls. It's a cover for the real program.

Kelly's brought in, where she becomes a part of a new team. One of the boys gives her the name Genius Girl, GiGi for short. Each team member has his or her own specialty. They're expected to go to school, GiGi to college and the rest to high school. They're expected to train physically. Plus they're expected to go on missions as needed.

Not too long into her training, GiGi's given a mission. She needs to blend in as a model, while using her computer skills. Her partner in crime is the boy who got her in the mess in the first place. 

My Thoughts: A smashing start to series full of spies, romance, and smart girls. I love GiGi - how she's smart, how she thinks in computer code to calm down, how she loves lollipops, how she mixes up words when she talks, her determination and her strength. I love her team, can't wait to read more about them. The series is funny, sexy, and thrilling. I love the action, the danger, and the scenes between David and GiGi.

Cover Thoughts: Really like it
Source: My Library
READ poster: I created this poster about the Specialists series and Shannon Greenland.

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