Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Picture Book Wednesday: Christmas Picture Books

We got a few (dozen) Christmas books in at the library. 

Here are a few new favorites:

Santa likes the cookies at this house so much, he decides to stay. And his family comes along too. 

It's a funny story about Christmas all year around, but also the magic of the holidays - not just the sweets and the presents. And the ending is very funny!

Fox is stealing all the Christmas decor in town - is he up to no good or does he have a plan?

A funny story about friendship and bringing people together - even if Fox goes about it in a strange way.

Holly loves Christmas - but her favorite part might be the Christmas tree. She's devastated to learn that the tree gets thrown out each year. Instead, she and her family come up with a new plan. 

A nice way to mix Christmas with the environment and climate control. 

Hedgehog is making gifts for all her friends - but she can't think of a gift good enough for bear. When she finally thinks of something - disaster strikes. What is she going to do?

A sweet story about friendship, making gifts, and being together with your favorite person. I loved this message.  

The Gingerbread Man escaped from the pages of a book. It's up to the kids to trap him back inside the pages.

I do enjoy this series. And I love the bookish references in this addition. They are quite clever and fun. This one isn't exactly Christmas, but...

Murray doesn't understand Christmas - especially Santa Claus. What happens when they meet on Christmas night?

A funny story about a dog's view of Christmas. 

A young girl says hello to each animal in the forest - making them feel special. When an accident destroys their home, the little girl cries to Beaver. Beaver spreads the word to the animals and they all come together to create a magical Christmas for their friend.

It's a sweet, slightly sad, story about friendship and helping each other when times are tough. 

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