Thursday, December 29, 2022

Review: Whiteout


Just before Christmas - a blizzard hits Atlanta. It throws the city into a tailspin - shutting own traffic and trapping people everywhere.

For Stevie, it's the worst timing possible. She's about to make a huge apology to her girlfriend after messing up big time.

Stevie's recruiting all her friends to help. If she pulls it off, it will be a miracle. 

But the snow is wrecking havoc on her plans. Will everything come together in the end? Will it be enough?

My Thoughts: This is from the same author team as BLACKOUT - which to say this book had a lot it had to live up to. And it did! You could feel the cold and the desperation to be anywhere else but trapped in the snow. I loved how again all the stories wove together to make one giant story - but how they all had their stories end too. A happy story that's just perfect to reading inside in front of the fire - and with a cup of cocoa.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable

Source: My Library

Library Recommendation: A must have for your teen romance collection!

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