Saturday, December 10, 2022

Christmas Movie Reviews (5)


Another set of Christmas movies....

From Hallmark:

Royal Corgi Christmas
Misunderstood Prince needs a dog trainer
He is about to ascend to the throne if he can show he's matured.
She turns out to have a positive influence on him
Lots of cute dog moments.

I'm a sucker for Royal movies - this one gave me a little bit of the Prince and Me vibes.

A very fun movie - highly recommended. 

Kismet Christmas
Legendary Cookies
Teenage Crush
Children's Book Author
Returning home
Second Chance Romance

This was cute one - of course I'm partial to the Children's Book author parts.
Lots of humor in this one. Recommended! 

From Netflix

Noel Diaries

A famous writer deals with his past while helping a stranger.
Road trip
One bed
Adorable dog

I did enjoy the book moments. 

Aside from the cheating, this was cute. Although it did need another 2 minutes at the end - it was too abrupt and SPOILER - the ending didn't feature the usual kiss. I read that they left it "open" for a sequel, but believe me, it's possible to do both. 

Still, it did showcase my favorite bookstore: RJ Julia's in Madison, CT

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