Saturday, December 3, 2022

Christmas Movie Reviews (4)

Another round-up of some fun movies.

Magical Christmas Village
All about mothers and daughters. 
When her grandmother moves in, she brings her Christmas village. And tells her granddaughter to make a wish. Which she does. 
It was cute - but the ending was a little strange.
Not my favorite of the bunch. 

My Southern Family:
A reporter travels South to write a story on Southern Christmas - and the man who just happens to be her biological father. But she doesn't tell him who she is.
Sweet story
Moria Kelly (Cutting Edge) is in this one!
I loved the sister moments

Another fun movie to watch. 

Haul out the Holly 
Emily travels home for the holidays after a breakup
Her parents are leaving for a trip
And she's watching the house for them
Where the HOA is serious about Christmas
Against her wishes she becomes heavily involved with the events.

This was really funny and sweet. Loved the friendship moments. All the events looked really fun. 

A must watch movie - this is my second favorite Hallmark movie this year. 


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