Friday, July 1, 2022

Review: Ninja Kitties


Seven royal kitties transform into Ninja Kitties when danger is near. 
They're trained by Grandma Tabby - their master trainer. Besides saving the kingdom, they spread messages of kindness, peace, and love,

Each kitty has his/her/their own power and of course they all have flaws. Which creates a great balance. 

They fight the same villains - the Fang Gang.

And of course, they save the day in the end. 

Each book follows the same formula
1. Get to know the characters
2. The story
3. Grandma Tabby's Ninja Note (lessons learned)
4. Activities which may include word scramble, maze, word search, crossword puzzle, draw and color, spot the differences, and hide and seek
5. Answer key to the activities 
6. Stickers!

These books have a great message and fun activities - great for keeping elementary kiddos entertained (Esp. during the summer). 

*books were sent for review

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