Monday, July 25, 2022

Holiday Book Round- Up

I read a few more Christmas books this year that I wanted to share:

Second Chance Love story
Jewish characters
Big fundraiser Ball
Rachel has a big Christmas secret
Chronic illness

* This was an enjoyable read. I enjoyed the publishing moments and the big Christmas secret. I loved Jacob's grandmother. 

A YA Romance 
Bookish Character
Movie fandom
Secrets and blackmailing
Working at an inn's gift shop
Enemies to Lovers

* This was super cute. I loved the bookish nerdy character and the fandom.

YA Romance
Social Media Influences
Home Exchange: England and US
Friendships and Romance
Christmas Bucket Lists

* I enjoyed this one, especially the bucket lists and traditions from another country. Although it did make me want to travel to England for the holidays.  I also liked the social media moments. 

Drama Drama Drama
Switching Places
Baking Reality Show
Baking Disasters
Re-examine their lives

* I loved this one. It's a totally Hallmark type story and just up my alley. I loved watching the twins try to adjust to each other's lives. And find romance and themselves in the process.

* Ballet
* Secret Crush 
* Babysitting
* Family Drama
* Week in a ski resort
* Hot Chocolate 

* This was really cute too - another Hallmark type book. I loved the ballet wishes and the time with the siblings. I like the way the family took in Noelle 

Sister Envy
Getting Fired
Being Spontaneous 
Diwali Wedding
Re-examine life choices 
Mentions of Food
Reconnects with family in India

* This was really cute. I really enjoyed it. Lots of family and friendship moments, which were sweet. 

Family Drama
Dystopian World
Dancing, Sweets, and Danger

* This one was really interesting, and I really enjoyed it. It's not exactly a Christmas story, but it does involve the Nutcracker and cold frozen world with a little hope infused. 

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