Friday, July 15, 2022

Graphic Novel Review: Miss Quinces


All Sue wants to do is spend time at camp with her friends and create graphic novel art. But her parents never let her have any fun. Instead, they are going to visit family in Honduras. To her horror, there is also no cell service/internet. But there is LOTS of family.

It gets worse. 

Her mom announces that she's throwing Sue a surprise quinceañera. Sue hates being the center of attention. She's really upset about this - especially since nothing is her style. How will she survive?
My Thoughts: I really loved this graphic novel. I loved the big family and the relationship Sue had with her Abuelita. I loved all the noisy moments and the quiet ones. I loved Sue's nerdy love for comic books and creating art. Life throws obstacles in your way, but Sue made them work for her. A great graphic novel that was hard to put down. 

Cover Thoughts: Funny
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: Highly Recommended for school and public libraries.

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