Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Picture Book Review: Beach and Ocean Books

Just a few ocean and beach picture books that came into the library recently

A lovely illustrated wordless picture book about a day at the beach for one family. Together they build a sandcastle, but the sandcastle doesn't always stay. 

Problem solving and determination plus cooperation make this one a fun family read.

During a trip to the ocean floor in a submarine, one student lingers and gets left behind. This student takes a bunch of pictures with sea creatures and has a marvelous time until the submarine shows up to collect them.

Another almost wordless picture book with great illustrations about finding a new friend and discovering an old city. Very cool!

The seagull is very good at snatching food from people at the beach - until a crab comes along. All of a sudden seagull has lost his mojo. Can he work with crab to find a solution?

A funny problem-solving book about working together and yummy food! 

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Greg said...

These look wonderful. I especially like the submarine one, since I always loved those as a kid and wanted to explore under the sea :)