Monday, December 28, 2020

Mini Reviews

 There are a bunch of books I've read recently that I haven't had the time to review, so I'll do several mini reviews for them. Enjoy!

Somehow I missed this when it first came out. I love this series. And I started it on my birthday because Mary Higgins Clark and I had the same birthday. Which we talked about when I had the good fortune to meet her. 

Twisty book with short chapters that I did not want to put down. 

Mary has to start a new school. She overhears girls talking about a boy - a boy who's known for playing the field. Mary steps in to "save" this girl from heartache and ends up with new friends. She shares all that she learns about the world - from books. But...things don't work out the way she planned.

An enjoyable read about friendship, books, and first love.

Celebrate the rarely named diverse women who helped win the vote for women.

Pepper and her father travel to their great Aunt's house for the summer. Pepper overhears something strange and becomes certain her great aunt was murdered for her fortune and her aunt knows something she's not saying. She sets out to prove it.

A fun children's book with spying, danger, and a fun friendship.

Read also the Amelia Six and the Wig in the Window.

Swimming is the only thing Annabelle's good at - and she's thrilled when the high school team asks her to be on their summer squad. All of a sudden people are noticing her - including a very cute boy she's had her eye on for years. But high schoolers are different than middle schoolers. The summer does not turn out the way she imagined.

A great middle grade summer novel about making mistakes, finding your true self, growing up, friendship, and swimming.

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have you read the promised neverland???