Monday, December 7, 2020

Holiday Movie Round-Up (2)


I'm a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the ones I've seen so far this year.

Christmas Waltz:
A bride wants to take dancing lessons with her fiancé. But they break up...and she decides to take the lessons alone. 

I loved this one - it might be my favorite Christmas movie this year.
I loved the big family party, the dancing, the banter... 
Everything was great.

* Highly Recommended.

Christmas in Vienna:
A violinist has achieved her greatest goal - but she feels empty inside. She's playing over the holidays in Vienna - where her college roommate happens to live. When her friend gets an incredible opportunity, Jess agrees to watch the children she nannies. Of course the children's father is the one person Jess keeps bumping into...

I really liked this one - for the family, the music, and dealing with grief. 
Plus the scenery was amazing and now I want to travel to Vienna. 
And the food looked delicious!

* Highly Recommended.

Five Star Christmas:
A family comes home for Christmas and discovers their father turned their house into a B & B. And they believe that a famous blogger stumbled upon their inn. So they decide to become the staff and guests to make the blogger's stay more welcoming in hopes of getting a great review. Of course things don't go as planned...

I really enjoyed this one. It was clever and funny and sweet. 

* Highly Recommended

Starlight Christmas:
A Christmas style Two Weeks Notice - lots of humor in this one. 
Plus terrible Christmas sweaters, dog costumes, and ice skating.

* Highly Recommended

Good Morning Christmas:
Two talk show co-hosts couldn't be more different. After working together, he finally asked to be let go from his contract. They have one more week of programs leading up to Christmas. And it's on location in a small country town. 

 This one was really fun and checked off most of the Christmas traditional boxes. (I think snowball fights was pretty much the only unchecked box...)

Nutcracker and the Four Realms:
Clara just wants to the world to return to normal after the death of her mother. She tries to find meaning in the world, but has a hard time dealing with her grief. Than on Christmas Eve, she receives two gifts - one that unlocks something dear and one that needs a key to be saved. Both gifts are from her mother. Clara learns more about life and herself as she journeys to another world.

The costumes were amazing.
I loved how everything was a Rube Goldberg machine and Clara's cleverness.
A fun movie - that's different from the original Nutcracker story. 

This one was on Disney+

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