Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Picture Book Wednesday: Garden Picture Books

Being outside these days is a great escape. Here are some outdoor, garden, and environment books. Many of these I purchased for the library's collection as I was tired of reading the same gardening books for storytimes. The rest of these books I was given in exchange for review.

Daniel Loves to Explore
Daniel Loves to Explore:
A board book about Daniel Tiger exploring the outdoors with his family and friends. This one is for older readers as it has lots of text. But readers will enjoy seeing favorite characters and realizing how much there is to see in the great outdoors.

Thank You, Garden
Thank You Garden:
This sweet story about growing items in the community garden tells the story about hard work, waiting, and enjoying the results. It's a diverse story with great illustrations. The shortness of the text makes this book great for storytimes. A delightful story for sharing.

Green on Green
Green on Green:
Change is abundant in this cute picture books - from the changing of the seasons to new additions to a family. The colors change with the seasons, providing beautiful illustrations. Diverse characters. 

In a Garden
In a Garden:
Bright colors make this book come alive. Poetry shows off nature, diverse characters, and the changing of the seasons in this charming picture book. 

Grow Kind
Grow Kind
Kiko loves growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers in her garden. When she gives veggies to her father, he loves them so much, she decides to spread the love further. She gives goodies to her neighbors, a lady on the street, and her classmates. It makes her feel good. I loved the illustrations in this book.

* And the illustrator is from CT.

Grandma's Gardens
Grandma's Gardens:
A book about the love of gardening shared through generations of the Clinton women. The text is in three different colors - signifying the speaker. A sweet story about nature, gardening, and sharing the outdoors with someone you love. I also enjoyed the illustrations.

A New Green Day
A New Green Day:
A girl plays outside all day. Nature asks riddles of her (and the reader). 
A fun way to explore the outdoors and nature.

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A Way with Wild Things:
Zoe loves  bugs. But around people, she's shy. When she accidentally becomes the center of attention at a party, she realizes that she isn't a wallflower. She's something much better...
A sweet message about being yourself and the outdoors. Fun illustrations.

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The Earth Gives More:
A sweet rhyming picture book about the seasons. Love the message about caring for the Earth. Gorgeous illustrations!

Our House Is on Fire: Greta Thunberg's Call to Save the Planet
Our House is On Fire:
A book about Greta Thunberg and what inspired her into action for climate change. While this book is a little sad, it's also inspiring. One voice can make a difference. 

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