Monday, May 25, 2020

Graphic Novel Review: Dragon Hoops

Dragon Hoops

Dragon Hoops follows one California team as they chance the state championship title. They've been chasing the title for years and have gotten to the title game several times...but have come up short each time.

Gene Yang's never been a jock. He's more of a nerd and that has stayed true from his high school days to his teaching days.  When he attempts to find the subject for his new book, he thinks this might be the perfect story to tell.

My Thoughts: And it is. I'm a basketball fan. I played basketball, I watch basketball, and I love reading about basketball. So I knew that I was going to love this book. I loved how the history of basketball was interwoven with the story. I loved learning about the players on the team. I also love stories about the underdogs. It's the story of dreams, hope, and hard work.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect. I love the little bumps on the cover. Genius.
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must have book for high school libraries and public libraries.

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