Monday, April 16, 2018

Middle Grade Monday: The Stone Girl's Story

The Stone Girl's Story
Mayka and her family have been carved out of stone. Their marks tell their stories and make it possible for them to experience life. But their marks are fading and in Turtle's case, so faded that he's gone to sleep. Mayka won't allow that to happen to anyone else her family. She's determined to go down the mountain and into the city to find a stonemason to help them. But what she finds is more than she bargains for.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. I loved the descriptive writing. I loved the message of the book: everyone writes their own story. I loved how the family would tell stories all night while looking up at the stars. I loved the power of stories. I enjoyed how Mayka, Jacklo, and Risa left the mountain to find help. Mayka was determined and brave. I loved how they met new people (not always nice people) and how they interacted with all of them. I loved the moments in the city - where everything was both full of wonder and simultaneously overwhelming. I love how Mayka helped everyone and I especially loved the ending! 

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your school and public libraries!

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