Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy National Library Week!

It's National Library Week!

I'm hoping that everyone goes out to visit their public library this week.
 If you don't have a card, please get one.
And then check out a handful (or more) of books or other items.
Attend a program while you're there - check out the newsletter for all the details.

Both having a card and checking out items really helps your library grow. We use those statistics to ask for more money for books. We can't get more money for books if the circulation is decreasing (and we're on a nation wide decreasing trend). 

Did you know:
Libraries offer tons of programs all year round, but especially in the summer.
Libraries often have discounted tickets to local museums that you can check out.
We work with community organizations to help support the town/city
We are not places of quiet
We have tons of programs for people of ALL ages, not just story times.
We have a variety of programs to match the community: game clubs, food programs, local history, and so much more.
We're NOT just about books but of course we like books.

If you haven't been to your local library in a while, this week is the perfect time to stop in and say hello!

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