Thursday, August 24, 2017

Review: Just Another Girl

Hope has loved Brady for as long as she can remember. She believe that he cares for her too and that they would be together if it wasn't for his girlfriend. Hope can't stand Parker. She's too perfect.

Parker knows that Hope is crushing over Brady - just as she knows Brady would never cheat on her. Brady's the best thing about her life. Parker can't imagine her life without him.

Hope creates a club so she can spend more time with Brady before he leaves for college. She vows that she's going to be brave and share her feelings. But will her feelings get in the way of someone else's happiness?
My Thoughts: I went into this book thinking one thing and then after reading Parker's first perspective, all my preconceived notions vanished. I couldn't stop thinking about this book: about first impressions, about walking in someone's shoes, about empathy, and about things I take for granted every day. And I loved it. I loved how it made me think.My heart ached for Parker and her life. At first I really liked Hope and felt sorry for her. But my affections switched. And then I admired both girls for their growth and their willingness to see things from a different perspective. 

Clearly the relationships made this book, but I also enjoyed the Rube Goldberg machines and how the club worked on them adding bits and pieces of themselves into their machine. I love the nerdiness. of the group, especially the Tolkien quotes.

Cover Thoughts: Love it - especially the wrap around
Source: My Library

Library Recommendation: Perfect for high school and public libraries. Grab this one for the empathy and the STEM references. 

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