Friday, August 18, 2017

Adult Review: Lost and Found Sisters

After bumping into a strange at the coffee shop, Quinn's stunned to discover that woman is her birth mother. She didn't know she was adopted. Nor did she know about her younger half sister.

Quinn lost her sister two years ago and she's still healing. To discover she has another sister makes her heart happy - even if her sister doesn't want her. Quinn takes time off from her job to visit her half sister and see where she lives.

Wildstone is a small town where gossip spreads faster than wildfire. But it's also sweet and charming. Quinn now owns a house and a cafe. Could she have found a second chance?
My Thoughts: I loved how Quinn met her younger sister and respected her wishes, but didn't give up either. I loved Tilly. Their moments together were amazing. Of course Cooper stole the book for me, as dogs tend to do. I loved Mick. I especially enjoyed the first two meetings with Quinn.But I love his big heart and how his hometown still held a part of his heart. This was a classic Jill Shalvis book - full of sweet moments, funny moments, and romantic moments. I loved it all and can't wait to return to Wildstone!

Cover Thoughts: Cute, but doesn't entirely match the book
Library Recommendations: As the start of a new series, grab this one for your public libraries!

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