Friday, August 25, 2017

Book Loot Box

Book Loot sent me a box to check out, so I'm sharing the pictures. 

The festive box in a bright blue 

The cute box inside

I love this quote on the box.

The inside - I love the pink and purple crimped paper

A  cool bookish tattoo - from an ETSY shop
Book Inspiration: Raven Boys

A cute pin

A short story featuring Hades and Persephone


Ocean mist, Soap, and Jasmine - it smells delicious (Also from an ETSY shop)
Inspired by Cloud Atlas 

A really cool bookmark that looks like a thin piece of wood. With a bookish quote.

Coloring pages with pencils

A final picture of everything in the box. 

Over all thoughts:
It was really fun opening this box and discovering the items inside. 
The  company is a husband and wife team who want to share their love of books and bookish items.

I love that they use ETSY shops for little treats!
 (One day it would be cool if I had something to add to one of the boxes from my shop)

I like that they publish short stories from their subscribers. On the back on the booklet, they give you information about how to contact them.

What a great way to be introduced to new bookish products!

Horror is the theme for their next box out in October!

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