Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Sugar and Spice

 * Book 10 in the Whatever After series *
Abby and Jonah find themselves in a real mess this time. They fall into Hansel and Gretel where they meet their doppelgangers outside of the witch's house. All four of them take a nibble of the house. But Hansel and Gretel use the portal to escape, leaving Abby and Jonah in their place.

Now Abby needs to outwit the witch, so she and Jonah can escape. But the witch isn't easily fooled and Abby finds herself locked in the cage with Jonah. How will they escape this time or is this the fairy tale that will change them?
My Thoughts: I really adore this series and this book was a fantastic addition. I loved that Jonah and Abby were caught in the witch's cage. I love that Prince tried to help out. I loved the smoothies. I love how Jonah and Abby tired to outwit the witch. I love the idea of a candy house. I really like how this book made them think about their situation in life, sometimes that's hard to remember. I really do hope Jonah makes it to Jack and the Beanstalk story, but I have a feeling that might be the last one in the series. I'm excited to see what happens in Wonderland!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: This series is perfect for both school and public libraries, and find happy readers in both places. 

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