Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: the Other F-Word

When Hollis get s a text from her half brother, everything changes, even though she  responds negatively. Milo wants to  find their sperm donor father- partly for medical reasons and partly out of sheer curiosity.

But after another meeting (their second), Hollis and Milo work out a plan.They contact the online system at the cryolab. What they learn will change their lives, themselves, and their futures.
My Thoughts: I loved this book - it's different than most family stories. I enjoyed the duel perspectives. I really liked JJ. I loved watching Hollis and Milo learn more about each other and become family. I loved the message about family this book sent. I admit I was a tiny bit surprised by the ending, but looking back it's perfect. Another winner for Friend - entertaining, touching, and all about relationships. 

Cover Thoughts: Funny
Source: ARC sent for review
Release Date: Out Today (grab it!)
Library Recommendation: Get this one for both school and public libraries.

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