Monday, March 27, 2017

Review: Girl Rising

From Goodreads:
Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls’ education, created a film that chronicled the stories of nine girls in the developing world, allowing viewers the opportunity to witness how education can break the cycle of poverty.

Now, award-winning author Tanya Lee Stone uses new research to illuminate the dramatic facts behind the film, focusing both on the girls captured on camera and many others. She examines barriers to education in depth—early child marriage and childbearing, slavery, sexual trafficking, gender discrimination, and poverty—and shows how removing these barriers means not only a better life for girls, but safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities.
My Thoughts: I haven't seen this film (yet) but man was this book ever powerful. First - the pictures were great and very vibrant. I love how the book had details about the girls after the movie ended. I also loved the back of the book for the How to Help section because after reading this, you DO want to help. I loved this book because these girls were strong, determined, intelligent, brave, and inspiring. A heartbreaking reading but so inspiring at the same time. 

Cover Thoughts: Powerful
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Purchase for ALL libraries. Share this book and talk about it - with everyone! 

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