Monday, February 13, 2017

Upcoming Review: When My Sister Started Kissing

Claire and Abigail have been going to their cabin every summer -but this year it's different. This year, Pam, their new pregnant step-mother is joining them and their mother's things have been moved from the cabin. Clarie's not sure what to expect, but she's not looking forward to this summer, especially with her sister acting strange and a new baby arriving.

Her sister's wants to be called Abi now. She's sneaking out to meet her new friends. She doesn't want to spend the beach days with her sister. Instead she wants to hang out with Broc. Claire isn't ready for boys just yet, but she does want to be included. How can she make sure her family isn't leaving her behind?
My Thoughts: When My Sister Started Kissing is a novel in verse told through the perspectives of Claire, Abi, and the lake. I love the play of the verses - and how certain poems have different messages. I love that the lake had a perspective. I loved the sister angle - it was perfect with one sister growing older and pulling away and the younger sister clinging to the past. I love how their two paths came back together. I liked the new traditions and how their family is changing. A fantastic middle grade novel about sisters, change, and growing up.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: ARC sent for review
Release Date: March 14th
Library Recommendation: Get this one for your middle graders - both in schools and public libraries

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