Sunday, February 5, 2017

Build a Better World: Food Programs

I know it's mid January, but summer will be here before you know. Deadlines are looming for performers and/or community magazines. I've started pulling together ideas on Pinterest. I'm planning to concentrate on building activities and STEAM programs. But Pinterest as so many great ideas that it's hard to choose. So I'm sharing my Pinterest finds. I hope you find them useful.
Looking for an easy LEGO party idea or even an extra special play date snack? How about easy LEGO brownies?:
Lego Brownies
Easy Edible Construction Trucks | While these trucks may work hard in the real…:
Construction Trucks

Is any edible craft cuter than the Cutest Cookie Campers? These are great kids' summer activities that double as snacks for snack time!:
Camping Scene

For Presidents' Day, render Abraham Lincoln's fabled log cabin in miniature, complete with pretzel logs, cracker shingles, and peanut-butter mortar. This is an easy and great project for kids!:
Log Cabins
Edible Architecture lesson:
Eiffel Tower

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