Thursday, February 23, 2017

Skyping with Authors: Elizabeth Eulberg!

Skyping with authors, it's a great tool to introduce students to authors. One of the classes in the middle school is currently reading the Shelby Homes book, so it's great to be able to ask the author questions about the book, about writing, and about being an author. 

Many authors will Skype for 15-20 minutes with classrooms/book clubs who have read their book. It's a perfect way to read aloud to students (which they love) and then meet the author. Take a look at the author list put together by Kate Messner and plan your own event!

We were lucky to win a chat (from twitter) with Elizabeth Eulberg and it was awesome!

It happened yesterday at the middle school - thanks to our partnership there. 

Elizabeth Eulberg is awesome. I had Such a Good Time and so did the kids. 

She was funny, kind, and wildly entertaining.

Of course New Kids on the Block came up.

She talked about how she got started writing - with a dare.

How many drafts of Lonely Hearts Club it took before publication - 17

Why the book is dedicated to the author of Captain Underpants books - he made the bet with her.

She talked about her writing process. She us notebooks and note cards and explained how she uses each.

We learned there will be at least two more Shelby books. Where Shelby will have a hard time at school and also meet someone just as smart - which of course will cause problems. We heard about Shelby's extensive vocabulary and how upon finding fun words, she writes them down in a notebook to use for later. 

She gave writing advice for some writers in the group.

A few recommended books for middle schoolers:
The Great Greene HeistFairest of All (Whatever After, #1)Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School, #1)

Great choices, I've read and loved each of these books!

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and I'm so thankful that I was on twitter at the right moment at the right time. 

Also Elizabeth rocks. 
If you haven't read her books, go do it. I've read them all and they are great!
 I can't wait for her newest one out next month!

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