Friday, February 10, 2017

Adult Review: How the Duke Was Won

* Book 1 in a series *
Charlene Beckett wishes life for her had been different. She wants to make sure her sister's life is different. She'd do anything for her sister. So when her father's wife asks for a favor in return for payment, Charlene doesn't hesitate. She's supposed to pretend to her her titled half sister and win the hand of a Duke.

This Duke has no interest in marriage,but now that he has the title, he needs a wife and an heir. Then he can go about his business in outside of England. He invites 4 proper ladies into his home and from there he will choose his bride.

Charlene doesn't have the training of a Lady, but she catches the Duke's eye with her strange behavior. She can't hide her passion for the less fortune during their conversations. As Charlene begins to understand the Duke, the more she likes him. She needs to win for her sake, but she hopes she can find happiness without him.
My Thoughts: I adored Charlene. I loved her fierceness, her determination, her loyalty, and her outspokenness. I love how she befriended the competition. I love hoe she protected her sister and cared for Flor (the Duke's illegitimate daughter). Flor added some comic relief to the book with her antics. She's adorable. I love how Charlene cared about social justice and how she worked for it. James was kind in his dealings with the ladies (mostly) but in the rest of the his life, he had no patience for most things. His conversations with Charlene made him pause and examine his life - and made him a better person as a result. Looking forward to reading about his friends and the trouble they get into. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Recommended for public libraries

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