Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tween Tuesday Review: VIP Battle of the Bands

 * Book 2 in the VIP series *
Mac is still living her dream and touring with her favorite band. Perfect Storm is on the rise and loving their time. They're recording some new music, including a song about Mac.

That is until a new up and coming band steals the song and records it first. Now the boys of Perfect Storm are angry and want revenge.

Because both bands are with the same studio, they're sent out on tour together. Of course this starts an all out war between the two bands. And it looks like perfect storm is going down from their behavior and all their most private secrets share with the public. Someone is clearly sabotaging them. Can Mac figure it out before the band breaks up?
My Thoughts: I loved the sequel. I loved getting to know the guys more. I loved the comics. Again the art was cool and Mac became more confidence on page. I felt bad for the guys as their world came apart and their secrets were shared. I can't imagine the pressure these guys must be under and how awful it would be to have your secrets spilled out into the world. No one made great choices here. I liked the vlogger angle and how the played out. A fantastically fun sequel and I can't wait to read more about Mac and her friends and the guys.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Sent for Review
Release Date: Out Today
Library Recommendation:  Highly recommended for tween collections, this one will fly off the shelves.

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