Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fall Program for Kids (2)

I know Summer Reading is in full swing, but my head is filled with ideas for fall programs. Fall for my library runs from September thru December. This is the first year for me creating programs for kids, so Pinterest is of course my new best friend. Here are some ideas I'm looking at closely.

Great for going back to school:
Back to School I Spy Game - free printable search and find!:
I Spy: School Style

Perfect for the week before Halloween:
Free Monster Printables - for making monster faces:
Design Your Own Monster Face
Writing is great for all ages, perfect for early November and NaNoWriMo
Realistic Fiction Graphic Organizers FREE! **Use when sharing what realistic fiction is.  Students create a character they would find in a realistic fiction story.  Then they create what they would find in a fantasy story, sci-fi and so on....use same template as this.:
Create a Character 
Perfect for the week of Thanksgiving:
Stuff the Turkey Game. Perfect for preschool or elementary school Thanksgiving parties! This is so easy to make, and the kids have a blast stuffing the turkey! -
Stuff the Turkey Game
Hide the Gingerbread People (I've been hiding Ninjas this summer and people seem to love it! So I might try it again in the winter.

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