Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Crossing the Line

 * First in a new series *
Jocelyn has been North Korean property since they kidnapped her. They raised her, forcing her to do all kinds of deeds after addicting to her to drugs. Jocelyn can't go too long without her fix.  But now they're sending her home - undercover.

They have plans for her, but she plans to double cross them. It takes a month for her to get the drugs out of her system. Then she meets with the head of the agency. She convinces him of her mission.

Now she's playing a double agent - except for the wrong team. If North Korea finds out, she'll be killed. But the North Koreans are up to something and Jocelyn vows to uncover the truth and finally shut them down. But they've always been one step ahead of her...
My Thoughts: I Loved this book. It was so hard to put down! I loved the double crossings, learning more about Jocelyn's life in North Korea, and her new life as an American and trying to fit in. I liked the training moments where she kicked serious butt. I liked her banter with Scorpion and with his friends. I loved how she tried to get things done without taking credit or letting anyone really know the whole truth. It made the stakes much higher. That ending was amazing and I'm really really looking forward to the next book!

Cover Thoughts: Wicked
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for YA collections

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