Friday, July 15, 2016

Teen Book Recommendations for fans of Reality TV

Welcome to a new series on the blog of book recommendations for pop culture fans! I'm excited to kick things off!
For fans of the Bachelor:
The Selection (The Selection, #1)America's world isn't great, but it isn't bad either. Prince Maxon's looking for a wife and one girl from each province (35 total) will compete for his hand in marriage. America has no interest in throwing her name into the ring.  America's stunned when her name is announced on the news. She's elevated into society and taken to the Palace with the other girls. There she will meet the Royal family, including the Prince.

For fans of Chopped (and other cooking shows)
Taste TestNora's Dad owns a BBQ joint and Nora's been working there forever. When her BFF suggests that she audition for the Taste Test- a reality cooking show for teens, neither of them expect her to make it. Now she's leaving home for the semester, joining the team of cooks. Nora's Southern roots show. She's not like the drama queens or chef royalties. She wants to win the scholarship to the Internationals School of Cuisine in Paris - and unlike some contestants, she can't afford to pay her way.

For fans of  Big Brother
Something Real (Something Real, #1)Chloe (Bonnie™) Baker used to be part of the TV hit series Baker's Dozen. Since the cancellation, she's been trying to lead a normal life. She has friends - and maybe even an potential boyfriend. Then, she comes home from school one day to see a TV crew. She's not thrilled about restarting the family drama. In fact, she'll do just about anything to avoid having her life ruined - again.
For fans of Survivor:
Nil (Nil, #1)In an instant, Charley's transported from her world to a remote island. For twelve days, she survives on her own, then she meets Thad and Jason who bring her to the city. Thad becomes her island guide, explaining the rules of NIL. You get 365 days to get off the island from on of the dates. Everyone counts their days. You must contribute something to society while waiting for your turn to go hunting gates. Can she escape the island?
Court of Fives (Court of Fives, #1)For fans of America Ninja Warrior
Jes can't officially enter the race of the Fives, so she trains in secrets and enters anonymously. She loses her race on purpose, but fate has already determined her path. When her family life crumbles, her dream at training comes true. But is it worth everything?
For fans of America's Next Top Model
Dumplin' (Dumplin', #1)Willowdean's confidence is shaken after a huge fight with her best friend and a blossoming romance. She's determined to take back control and enters the Miss Clover City Beauty Pageant to show the world that fat girls can be beautiful too. 
Wildflower (Wildflower, #1)For fans of American Idol
Bird and her family play together in a band, but one night her father can't be the frontman and Bird steps in. That's also the night a scout hears them play. He wants to sign Bird (just Bird) to a contract. Can she make it in the big leagues?

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Jessica said...

I love watching reality TV, and I really need to try some of these books! :)