Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: The Heir

Twenty years after her parents met during The Selection, the kingdom changed. Now the caste system is obsolete, but the problems haven't gone away.

Princess Eadlyn has been preparing to take her father's place on the trone her whole life. With the political unrest, the people could use a distraction. So, she agrees to her own Selection.

A group of young men comes to the palace all vying for her hand in marriage. Princess Eadlyn is convinced she'll never fall in love.  She doesn't need the grand love that her parents have, but it would be nice to have a partner she can respect who will support and respect her. Will she find herself a prince consort among the contestants?
My Thoughts: I loved the Section trilogy, so I was SO happy to hear about the spin-off trilogy. And it didn't disappoint!

I loved the princess. I liked how Princess Eadlyn was torn between her duty of finding a mate and understanding her heart. I loved how she enjoyed politics and helping to run the country, even though at times it can seem like a burden. She's smart, determined, and blunt at times. I love how she began to understand her people and not see them only as a duty. She started to question  the idea of perfection and finding her self-worth outside her primary role. 

I loved learning more about the characters from the previous series and how their lives turned out. I really liked the blossoming friendship between the princess and Kile. I enjoyed her twin brother and his quirks. 

My only concern is why didn't the guys in the selection have to jump through hoops like the girls did? They didn't seem to have to plan or create anything to prove their worth.

I can't wait to see what happens next, especially after that ending!

Cover Thoughts: This one might be my favorite yet.
Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: If you haven't read this one yet, what are you waiting for? It's got everything: friendship, family drama, romance, kissing, political unrest, and a smart heroine you want to root for. 

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