Monday, July 13, 2015

Adult Review: Royal We

When Bex decides to spend a semester abroad in Oxford, she has no ideas that her life is about to change forever. She meets Nick on the first night she arrives in the rain, but she doesn't realize he's the crown prince.

Living on the same floor, Bex gets to know the real Nick - not the one everyone thinks they know. They bond over late nights and TV shows.

Time goes by and their feeling grow. Bex decides that she can no longer keep her feelings to herself. She's stunned to learn that Nick fell for her too.

Now they date in secret, hiding away from the public eye and all that drama that goes with it. But how long can Bex keep pretending it doesn't bother her. The fairy tale romance comes with a high price. Will Bex have a happily ever after of her own?
My Thoughts;  I LOVED this book, which make sense because I love learning about the royal family. I devoured this book in one day, loving the modern day fairy tale aspect of the book. 

I loved watching Bex and Nick's relationship grow from the moment they met. The dealt with a lot of issues, misunderstandings, and family members who were not on their side.

The royal family (except for the charming younger brother) isn't impressed with Bex. They're not welcoming and have no intention of seeing her become part of the family. The drama and secrets pile up, shaking things up for the two lovebirds.

I wasn't a big fan of Bex's twin either. She seemed lost in Bex's new world and while I understood that loss, her actions were not sisterly. 

I loved the moments between the friends from University - they were entertaining, quick witted, and sweet. I liked watching how those relationships changed over the years.

This book is all about relationships - between family, between friends, and most importantly between yourself and the person who understands you the best. 

Cover Thoughts: Sweet
Source: From the Library

Final Thoughts: If you're interested in the lives of Royal families, don't let this book pass you by. It's one of my favorites books I've read this year. 

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