Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Matinee: The Duff

When Bianca's neighbor opens her eyes to the fact that she's a DUFF (designated ugly fat friend), she enlists his help on becoming date-able in exchange for her chemistry notes. 
My Thoughts*:
I really really enjoyed this movie.

I loved Bianca: she was sassy, smart, weird, relatable, and entertaining. I loved Bianca acting like a goof-ball during the clothing montage.

I Loved her mother - from her professional life to her dating sites to her advice at the end.

I liked Wesley - he was entertaining even though he was cocky. I liked the moments he had with Bianca.

I liked how classic mean girl assumed she was going to be famous and had one of her friends film everything about her life - just in case. 

I liked her Bianca's two friends - they both had talents and not just a pretty face.

I love it when the book author has a cameo in the movie!

*I fully admit that I haven't read the book this movie was based on yet. So I'll ask you, how closely did this match?
Final Thoughts: Buy this one for the Teen Dept in your library - but watch it yourself first!

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Lisa Miles said...

I read the book so long ago, but I remember really liking it. (I still have it, so I must have liked it) :) I liked the movie, too, but wasn't sure about Mae Whitman.