Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Criminal Confections

* First in a new series *
Hayden knows everything about chocolate - that's why people request her services when something goes wrong. She just wrapped up a job for Lemaitre's Chocolates - all except for the report. She's attending their chocolate retreat as a favor.

Even though she dreads it, Hayden knows that attending could be good for her career and at the very least, she's going to taste some wonderful chocolates. Nothing goes according to plan and when her friend dies the first night, she doesn't think it was an accident.

The potential killer must be one of the chocolate players. Hayden will have to walk a very fine line to see which one of them might be a killer.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book; it made my mouth water the whole time I was reading it and now I want to go on a chocolate retreat (minus the murder of course.)

I liked the relationship between Hayden and Danny - old friends who know each other well. Although I don't like the fact that Hayden's inheritance is a sore spot between them. And I'm curious to know how she inherited her money. I hope to learn more about that in the next book.

Her relationship with her accountant provides a little sexual tension and some humor. I love their banter and hope that they meet one day soon. 

I liked learning more about Hayden's job - which would be fun to have. Who wouldn't want to work with chocolate all day?

Cover Thoughts: Delicious
Source: My Library

Final Thoughts: A mouth-watering read.

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