Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tween Tuesday Mini Review: Convergence

The Plot:
On a field trip to a museum in China, Steven hears strange noises. When he goes to investigate, he accidentally gains the zodiac power of the Tiger. Now Steven finds himself in the middle of a war between good and evil. Evil of course wants world domination. Good wants to stop Maxwell and his gang. Not everything is black and white.
The Good:
* Lots of Action
* Diverse Characters
* Superhuman powers (perfect for summer reading)
* Good vs Evil fight
* Illustrations
* Funny - Smart - Strong heroes and heroines
* First in a trilogy

The Bad: (minor issues)
* It's sometimes difficult to the the characters apart
* The beginning sequence of the unleashing of the Zodiac powers required multiple readings for comprehension.

Final Thoughts: Lots of action, lots of danger, and lots of plot twists make this start to a trilogy a must read for fans of action books.
Book sent for Review

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