Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Musseled Out

* Book 3 in the Maine Clambake Mystery series *
Julia isn't sure which direction her life will take her - should she move back to New York now that the family business is back on her feet? Should she take an apartment for the winter?  She has big decisions to make and little time to make them.

The family business now has competition - until the man turns up dead. Sonny (Julia's brother-in-law) hasn't held back his opinions of the man. He's also not telling the truth about where he was on the day of the murder. Julia's sister asks her to look into the matter and Julia can't say no. She has no idea what she uncovers could backfire on her own personal life.
My Thoughts: I really love this series - for the small town Maine setting, the characters in town, and the food.

The small town is the perfect setting for this series - lots of gossip, lots of people who never moved away, and lots of tourists.

I love getting to know more of the townspeople - especially Gus and Mrs. Gus. I enjoy Julia's chats with Quentin - even though they don't often go the way she expects them to go.  I liked learning more about Sonny and Livvie, even though I felt really bad for them too. I liked learning more about Chris - from his past to his secrets.

The food in this series always makes me hungry from the clam bakes to the dishes cooked.  I'm impressed with Chris's talent.  I loved learning about Genevieve's chef story. I love the crowd and the moments in Gus's place. I love how food brings people together in this series. 

I really liked the ending and can't wait to see where it leads.  

Cover Thoughts: Lovely - simple and mouthwatering
Source: ARC sent for Review

Final Thoughts: A great mystery with plots twists, small town charm, and well rounded secondary characters. This series is a real treat!

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