Monday, September 1, 2014

Heir of Fire: A LOVE Letter

Dear Throne of Glass Novels,

I've been a fan since I first started reading you - after hearing all kinds of buzz. I was so happy to read your first book in lines at BEA. I devoured you and you were one of my favorite books that year. The next year, I found your book at the SLJ Day of Dialogue and I was so happy.

Obtaining Crown of Midnight was one of my goals that year. Knowing your goodness, I saved you until I had a few days where I would be free to read and not yell any anyone who interrupted me or resent having to be social when all I wanted to do was read you. And you blew me away. I was happy for a short time and then all the comfort was ripped away. Although I found peace in wondering where you would take Celaena next. Again, you were among the top reads that year.

I was happy to have the Assassin's Blade novellas to keep me company while I waited for Heir of Fire. Again, I attended BEA and one of my goals was getting this book. I knew the line would start early, but I didn't imagine how early. I waited in line for two hours and when I left the line with my signed ARC, I beamed and carried the book like a prize.

I wanted to sit down and read it right then, but I forced myself to wait. I didn't read it on the train home, but several days later. I saved it for the right time and then I devoured it. I only wanted to read and find out what happened in the wake of the last book. I grew to like the brooding and mysterious Rowan. I grew found of the kitchen staff. At first I was confused about Manon, but soon grew to admire her fieriness and her determination. I felt horror, happiness, confusion, and was terrified for my favorite characters. Heir of Fire is 576 pages long and it still isn't long enough. Whatever the future holds for Celaena, I can't wait to read it. I will follow her anywhere.

~ A loving reader

And readers, if you're wondering what to read next, I have a few suggestions:

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Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I'm really excited to start HoF - such a heartbreaking series so far, I'm worried about what will happen in this book!