Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Thicker than Water

* Book 2 in the School for SPIES series *

The Problem: LOTUS has been stealing jobs from SPIES - so much so that the orphanage is in serious jeopardy. They have an upcoming major job that must succeed and they have only 3 days to pull it off.

The Mission: They need to steal a mind control device in a state of the art facility with tight security.

The Side Mission: A surprise visit from the government inspecting the orphanage makes it difficult to run operations as normal.

The Objective: Steal the mind control device to save their reputation as well as the orphanage. 
My Thoughts: I really liked this book and learning more about Max as he recovered from the episode in the first book. He's still having a hard time with trust, but with his background it makes sense. The added pressure with the government official looking into the orphanage heightened the book, especially as the team found ways around his intrusive behavior. Their antics and explanations added humor to the story. I'm eager to see where the next book leads after the cliff-hanger ending. A great action-packed middle grade spy novel that made me turn the pages faster and faster. 

Cover Thoughts: Great - love it and it's a scene from the book
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