Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nonfiction Review: Football then to Wow!

I fully confess that I don't know much about football. I watch it occasionally and usually with a book in my hand. I know the basics of the game and how it's played, but I don't know the history of the sport. I'm not one to memorize STATs of the players, but I appreciate a good player.

I found this book fascinating. I liked learning more about the history of the sport, although probably the set-up of the book helped too. The timelines were great - not overcrowded with too much information, illustrations to help make the points, and humor.  The book talked about the rules, how the ball's changed, the different type of equipment used over the years, the Stadiums, the fans, the salaries of players, and the STATs. Important players through the decades were highlighted and the book talked about how the positions have changed over the years as the game grew. They talked about coaching styles and if offense or defense won more Super Bowl championships. I enjoyed the part of how technology changed the game, especially Draft Day.

A remarkable book for football fans of every age or for anyone wanting to learn more about the sport. Great book for libraries!

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