Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: Fantasy League

Charlie lives and breathes football - and he knows everything about it. He kills it in his fantasy leagues, but he' ready to admit he's not hte greatest player on the field.  He roots for his hometown team, even though they haven't had a winning record - ever.

When his BFF Anna invites him to meet her grandfather (the owner of the local football team), the two of them hit it off.  As they become friends, Charlie isn't shy about sharing his football opinions.  When Charlie mentions an older QB that's been overlooked by everyone else, Mr Warren takes a look.

He signs the QB to the team, hoping that this move will turn the team around. It does - for a while. Word gets out that a 12 year old is helping determine the team. Charlie has his moment in the spotlight but not everything is golden.  Will the sudden fame change him and would it all be worth it for a winning season?
My Thoughts:  I really really liked this book. I liked learning more about fantasy football. I loved the relationship between Charlie and Anna - how they talked football all the time, the banter between them, and how they weren't afraid to say it like it is (mostly Anna). I liked the developing relationship between Mr Warren - especially since Charlie's father isn't in the picture. Charlie grows in confidence with the fame thrust upon him - both in good ways and bad ways. I like how he gains more confidence on the field, but I'm not crazy about his secret keeping from Anna.A feel good book that's full of love for the game of football, the stats, and making the hard choices.

Cover Thoughts: Good - it captures the feeling of the book without being a scene from the book
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