Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: At Your Serivce

Chloe Turner wants to be just like her dad - a concierge extraordinaire.  She and her dad live at the Hotel St. Michele in New York City. Chloe loves the perks of loving in the hotel and she loves helping guests, especially those closest to her age.

In fact, after a successful trial run, Chloe's proven herself, becoming a Junior Concierge. So when a royal family comes to town, Chloe's excited to show them around her city.

Unfortunately, all her plans aren't interesting to the royal kids. As much as Chloe attempts to plan something for each of them (2 princesses and one prince), no one ends up happy. The youngest princess has a habit of slipping away. When determining where to go next, the group realizes that she's missing. Instead of telling their detail, they slip away themselves desperately trying to find the princess before something happens and before their father finds out and everyone gets into massive amounts of trouble. Will this be the first epic fail in Chloe's career?

My Thoughts: I really liked this book - it's a super cute read with great characters. I loved Chloe - for trying to make the hotel guest happy. I loved the moments in the hotel - and Chloe being able to use it as her playground. I really liked her best friend Paisley. I liked how the royal siblings took Chloe out of her element, but how she fought back to make them see how great New York City can be. The two siblings and the two best friends running around New York City was entertaining and I learned a little bit more about the great city. Friendship, a little romance, trying to do the right thing, and chasing your dreams all add up to make this book a winner.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library  

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