Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Now and Forever

Sterling and Ethan are in love. When they talk about their future, it's mostly about Ethan's future. He writes the songs his band performs and he has a small record deal.

One day, they hear his song on the radio. After that everything gets crazy. His YouTube videos views jump into the millions. Fans want to meet him. Ethan has a new manager who immediately puts together a tour.

His fame only grows. Suddenly Ethan and Sterling barely have any time together - and time alone it almost impossible. There's always something Ethan should be doing. What would you do if your boyfriend became a mega rock star?
My Thoughts: I really love Susane Colasanti's books and I loved the premise of this book; it reminded me a little of Audrey, Wait. I liked seeing how Ethan rose to fame. I liked seeing how fame changed both Ethan and Sterling - the perks, the freebies, the drama, the new people, and their stolen moments together. I really liked the ending. A fantastic summer book for anyone who has wanted to date someone famous or dreamed about being famous themselves.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: My Library

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cleemckenzie said...

That rise to fame theme is always intriguing.