Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Death of a Mad Hatter

* Sequel to Cloche and Dagger *
Scarlett and her cousin Vivian take on a client - an old fiend of their grandmother's. The woman has memory issues and believes Vivian to be her grandmother. Happy, to learn more about the woman they love, they agree to a job with a quick deadline.  They're creating Alice and Wonderland hats for an afternoon fundraiser tea.

The Grisby family has their quirks - family arguments and friendly banter. They're not afraid to argue in public and as their secrets come to light, it's not a total surprise when Geoffry (the heir) ends up murdered.

Since he was poisoned (and poison was found on the Mad Hatter hat that he wore), Scarlett and Vivian want to clear up this matter pronto and let the family grieve. 
My Thoughts: I love this series! I love the way that Scarlett and Vivian manage the shop - with the split between the creative person and the people person. I love their sisterly relationship - their banter, their loyalty, and how they care for each other. I appreciate Scarlett's frustrations with Vivian, who refuses to answer her questions. I enjoyed the Grisby family - but that ending sure threw me for a loop. I loved their idea of an afternoon fundraiser and the hats created sounded amazing. I would love to visit a hat shop in London one day. I enjoyed the mystery and the romantic tension. As much as I admire Scarlett for her pledge to remain single for year while trying to figure out herself without a guy, I wouldn't mind seeing her and Harrison date. They have great banter and great chemistry. Another win from a favorite cozy author!

Cover thoughts: Perfect
Source: Purchased

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cleemckenzie said...

It sounds charming and very British, which I love.