Friday, June 6, 2014

BEA Recap (2)

BEA is about chatting with everyone about books - the people you're waiting with in line, the publicists and editors, and the authors. I love learning about books to read and books to pick up for my collection. I love meeting authors and telling them that I love their work or that the teens in my library adore their books.

But BEA is also about the books. Most of the books I pick up are used as prizes for the library's Teen Summer Reading Program (along with several ARCs that I reviewed previously during the year on this blog). Many of the ARCs I see at BEA, I purchase for the library's collection.

I saw some great middle grade books. My YA section goes from 6th grade to 12th grade, so I buy middle grade, wanting the younger middle schoolers to feel comfortable in the YA section. I'm always looking for more middle grade, so I was really happy to discover some new upcoming reads.

Some of the books I picked up can go right into the library collection - which is nice. I love putting books in the hands of readers and love hearing what they think about them. 

For my summer reading program, teens are require to write a short review of books they read.

Here are the great looking books I grabbed this year- some for the library, some for prizes, and several I can't wait to read!


 My two most anticipated reads this year! 

What books were you happy to learn about?

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