Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Bags (BEA recap 4)

One of the best parts at BEA besides books, authors, and book people are the bags. They're so clever and so many great bags. Here are a few that I grabbed - summer of them will be prizes for summer reading this year.

 What Bags would you carry?

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Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

The Capstone bag is the only one I coveted that I didn't get. I didn't know about it until they had run out the second day. I hope they have it next year, because fairy tales are so important to me, and I really really really want it. I think they'll be the very first place I go at BEA next year! *covets* I loved the Darkest Minds tote, and the Deep Blue one was so creative...and it's so soft! I gave Wonder to my co-worker. And I'm using the Maas bag everywhere! Aww, Animals' Santa is so cute. I didn't see that one! Hee, and the Underwater puppies and Harlequin ones are so fun! Great post. I love tote bags at BEA! Every time I was like, "I don't need anymore," I saw one more! Ahhhh, now I'm going to go cry over that Capstone bag some more. Thanks for reminding me about it! ;)